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The Full Story

What is it that fuels you? For us, it’s This Fight of Mine. This is our story. We are a small group of people who have all been through and are going through recovery. Between us we have battled drug and alcohol addictions, depression and severe anxiety. We aren't qualified doctors or therapists but collectively we have been through some very tough times and managed to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and come out the other side better and stronger people. Hopefully we can pass on some of our experience and first hand knowledge to help others who are going through some of the same problems or know someone who is. So whether it's to do with depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, injury, illness or anything in-between. This fight of mine deals with some, if not all the issues that other blogs and websites may shy away from.


Keep it real. Keep it truthful and please respect people on here and their anonymity.

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