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Aug 2

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  • Drug addiction is a curse that not only destroys one's life but also put a negative impact on the other family members as well as society. Most of the addictions get started from experimental use of any drugs. under peer pressure or by choice of your own. However, you can only prevent yourself from getting addicted to it by deciding never to hop over that drug again. Unfortunately, in most cases, drug use becomes more frequent. The worst part about experimenting on drugs is that you do not even realize what type of drug it is and how it may affect you from within. In fact, it merely depends upon the drug-type that fast you become dependent on it. Over time, you would desire more drug-doses to get high as the drug would start adjusting in your body. The hunger for temporary happiness and soothing feelings would make you more drug-dependent, and things will go more worst. Furthermore, you would probably reach a stage that if you try to become reluctant to the drug use, you may cause intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Here is the list of some behavioral symptoms that is a clear indication that you should seek the help of a professional. ●A person may get a feeling, several times a day, that you would starve without that drug-use. ●One may get stressed and feel violent with the intense urge for the drug. ●You would find that a person is always absent-minded, or is rather busy in preparing strategies to arrange more drug supplies. ●It could be easily recognized that a drug-addict would spend extra for the drugs regardless of the earnings/income source. ●The most seen behavioral symptom of a drug-addict is that he/she does not meet day-to-day work responsibilities or obligations. ●Moreover, frequent drug-use forces the addicts to cut-back from recreational/social activities. ●The most common change that you could notice is the shift in moral values. To meet the drug-supply requirements, a person may get involved in the activities like- stealing stuff, domestic violence, and much more. ●The person who is under the influence of drugs could be easily found getting involved in risky activities and the gambling. Here is the list of a few physical signs & symptoms to recognize regular drug use or intoxication; however, the symptoms may vary based on the type of drug. If a person is consuming Marijuana, hashish, and other cannabis-containing substances, you may notice : ●A sense of euphoria or feeling "high." ●High blood pressure & increased heart rate ●Constantly reddish eyes ●Mouth gets dry ●Difficulty in coordination ●Paranoid thinking ●Lack of concentration or anxiety to memorize ●Eating disorders ●Slowed reaction time If a person is consuming Synthetic cannabinoids and substituted cathinones, you may notice: ●Feeling "high" or the sense of euphoria ●Mood Swings ●An altered sense of visual, auditory and taste perception ●Extreme anxiety or agitation ●Insanity/Feeling of fear/Paranoia ●Hallucinations & Confusion ●Vomiting, Increased heart rate, and High blood pressure If a person is consuming drugs like- Barbiturates and benzodiazepines, you may notice: ●Slurred speech & Drowsiness ●Lack of concentration & coordination ●An inflated feeling of well-being or Euphoria ●Difficulty in focussing or performing simple tasks ●Nystagmus or Involuntary eye movements / rapid blinking also ● Lowered blood pressure/Dizziness ●Depression & Slowed breathing If a person is consuming Meth, cocaine, and other stimulants, you may notice: ●Excess confidence/Increased alertness ●Restlessness & Increased energy ●Aggression & Other behavioral symptoms ●Rambling/Rapid speech ●Dilated pupils/Delusions and hallucinations ●As the drug wears off, depression may occur Before things get even worse, you can take the opportunity to help & motivate a loved one to seek help by timely intervention. We have mentioned above the most common symptoms - you may now quickly determine if someone near you needs urgent help. Know The Best Options Available Although there are various traditional methods & treatments available to get rid of drug addiction, The Holistic Sanctuary, has become the first choice of many. Johnny Tabaie, the founder of the "The Holistic Sanctuary," has invented a fine blend of Holistic Modalities and Natural Healing Therapies. He patented ancient scientific-based healing that has helped several people in the last ten years. Basically, it is called as the Pouyan Method combined with plant-based medicines. The Holistic Sanctuary is located on a gorgeous beach on the Pacific Ocean, which is the only licensed five-star luxury drug rehab center. Moreover, they provide amazing private sessions that add up over 150 hours of one-on-one per month, including- daily yoga, Reiki, massage, HBOT, and colonic enemas. The powerful therapy provided by " The Holistic Sanctuary " is a bliss!
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